Return of the Legal Threat

Dear Dave,

We were told of your immature responses to rights owners.


We would suggest that you nominate attorneys in the US who can accept the service of proceedings on your behalf. If you do not do this, thenan application can be made to the Federal Court to serve proceedings out of the jurisdiction (ie. in Sweden). This would simply mean that our clients would seek to recover more costs from you for the additional application. Once proceedings are served overseas, a default judgment can easily be obtained unless you elect to defend.

When the ultimate content (ie. of the combined digital images) belongs to third parties ...

... these are their rights to exploit, not yours (as you shall no doubt discover). When the appropriate authorities to decide upon the matter once a formal referral has been.

Our clients would ensure that the matter is progressed until such time as these activities are ceased permanently ...

... this is only a matter of time ...

... then you would be held to account to all of the parties whose rights you have infringed.

Regrettably, you may well be in receipt of further communications from us.

We trust, in this regard, that you will concur that unauthorized publication is a copyright violation, which is actionable in virtually every jurisdiction in the world.

Naturally and notwithstanding the foregoing, all accumulated rights of our clients - including, but not limited to, the right to institute proceedings against your company in the United States – remain strictly reserved.

We have read all of these (supposedly funny) stories that you publish ...

... you might not be laughing when proceedings are issued against you in the United States (amongst other things).