Response to Legal Threat II

Dear Digital Deputy-

I appreciate your efforts to expand my readership. I have readers scattered throughout the US, but the UK is and untapped market for Maybe I should be thinking bigger!

I have responded to your clients' attorney. You may read my response here.

Do you know Mr. Counselor Reilly? Does he remind you of Jerry Espenson? I like Jerry, pop pop.

Since Jerry, I mean, Mr. Reilly and I are already in contact with one another there is no need for your services, unless you feel like billing your clients for work already done a fellow American (I'm against sending jobs over seas). You at best are telling your clients' attorney what he already knows. Let's cut out the middle man.



P.S. I would like to be a Digital Deputy when I grow up. Do you get to wear a badge?


Anonymous said...

can I change my major to digital deputy?