You Spin Me Right Round

Hazel Bock juggles Dave with her feet as Circus Oz, an Australian contemporary circus group, prepares new acts and ideas for theirforthcoming 2010 season, in Melbourne. Dave was a winner "The OZtastical Sweepstakes". He prizes included seeing Justin Bieber perform a free concert and the chance to see shooting of Peter Jackson' new film, an update of Hamlet spoken only in elvish.


Mourning and mud

Children attend an Ashura religious festival northwest of Tehran. The festival mourns the slaying of a grandson of the Prophet Mohammed's some 1,300 years ago.


Balls Made of Brass

Three men who attempted to palm off a brass brick as gold were arrested after a trap laid by the police when they were handing over the fake gold brick to a man named Ghanshyambhai Venishankar Dave of Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad Crime Branch sub-inspector K.U. Malek said.


Mis"taken" Identity

Neale Donald Walsch, author of the best-selling series “Conversations with God,” recently posted a personal Christmas essay on the spiritual Web site that was nearly identical to a 10-year-old article originally published by a little-known writer in a spiritual magazine. He now says he made a mistake in believing the story was something that had actually happened to him. Above: Talking about the movie "Conversations with God" Neale Donald Walsch, Author Stephen Simon, Producer/Director & Dave, expert on plagiarism.


Not the Sweet Spot

France's Marc Gicguel fails to reach a shot from compatriot Richard Gasquet during their match at the Brisbane International tennis tournament.


If These Walls Could Write

Dave Mustaine is back in the studio working on a new Megadeth album. Mustaine spoke about the process: "Today is the first day of the 'Megadeth album 12' sessions after the Christmas and New Years break. I was at the studio yesterday night with Justis after flying home from our New Year's ski trip and it was unreal how much the studio has taken on a life of its own and is a living breathing building now that is responsible for forging the new Megadeth record." It remains to be seen if the buliding will get writing credit.


Dave Brock Named to Offensive Staff

Dave Brock has been hired as an offensive assistant coach for the Kansas State Wildcats. Brock, best known as being one of the founders and musical focus of the English space rock group Hawkwind, spoke of his plans for the the offense at Friday's press conference. Wearing a tux tee, Brock read a one sentence statement: "Only one thing in common do leaders share with those on the battlefield fallen down everywhere and that is their wine, has good body and it is red draining away forever like the blood of those dead."


Time to Make the Donuts...or the Coffee

Dunkin Donuts, who has been agreesively working to Starbucks' sippers, announced the launch of a $100 million ad campaign to begin this Monday. Sadly, I appears the it appears the real causalty of Dunkin's advertizing is not Starbucks but Fred the Baker. Fred enjoyed success from 1982 to 1997 by waking early and stating only, "It's time to make the donuts". Dunkin Dave, part of DD's social media campain, is perhaps more appealing to today's twittering market. Dave tweets "on the behalf of the DD mothership" and is "running on Dunkin". No word yet on Dunkin Dave's willingness to rock a Fred the Baker Mustache.


Happy New Year!

December has been a great month for Although, you have not been privileged to see all that has been happening, you will benefit from it. One of the most exciting moments was the meeting of "the Daves". Meeting these guys was a dream come true! I was humbled to hear that they wanted to be a part of 365daves. Look for contributions from these and other Daves.

Present at the meeting of the Daves (from right to left): Dave, Dave Mirra (BMX master), Dave Bowman (astronaut), Dave Barry (journalist), Dave Chappell (comedian), Dave Grohl (rock legend) and Andy Warhol (who everyone knows prefers to be called Dave since his staged death).


No Dave December

In order to focus on the true meaning and value of the Christmas season. announces No Dave December! This is our savvy marketing strategy to turn Christmas into cash! Donate now!


Squeaky Clean NFL

In a bid to further move NFL into innocent entertainment, The Jonas Brothers performed in the halftime show during the Dallas versus Seattle game yesterday. 'Cause nothing says wholesome like the Dallas Cowbow Cheerleaders shaking thier money makers as middle-aged women grope boys.


War is Over (if you want it)

Semi-official Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano has run an article forgiving the late Beatle, John Lennon, for a controversial statement made in 1966, when he claimed his band were "more popular than Jesus". I wonder if Apple Records Inc or Apple Corps Limited can be as forgiving?



The latest poster for the biopic "Notorious" has just been released, and like most of the marketing for this film, it leaves you feeling a tad underwhelmed.


Response to the Legal Threat Strikes Back

Dearest Digital Deputy-

Okay. I admit I was pretty freaked out when I got a letter from an attorney. I even sought the advice of several people that watch lots of legal shows. I spoke to someone who was in an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. After receiving the wanted poster, I can no longer consider this credible. Had it been decent art work I would have posted it. You can do better!

I was ready to pull down the photo of the Beatles. Honestly, it wasn't my best work. But until I get real legal notice all posts on remain as origionally posted. Maybe, some day there will be a credible threat. Obama, Brangelina, Wells Fargo...somebody...