Happy New Year!

December has been a great month for 365daves.com. Although, you have not been privileged to see all that has been happening, you will benefit from it. One of the most exciting moments was the meeting of "the Daves". Meeting these guys was a dream come true! I was humbled to hear that they wanted to be a part of 365daves. Look for contributions from these and other Daves.

Present at the meeting of the Daves (from right to left): Dave, Dave Mirra (BMX master), Dave Bowman (astronaut), Dave Barry (journalist), Dave Chappell (comedian), Dave Grohl (rock legend) and Andy Warhol (who everyone knows prefers to be called Dave since his staged death).


Todd Wright said...

I'm so emotionally torn...do I offer up pure unadulterated fanboy love for you or Dave Grohl?

Brody3dfan said...

Add one more Dave to it.